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Updated Sept 2014.


• Residents’ Association
• Security
• Fire
• Common parts
• Noise
• Lifts
• Exterior

• Cleaning
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• Parking
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This handbook was put together at the request of the residents living at Ice Wharf. It is intended to give guidance to people in Ice Wharf as to how the community here would like to live. It is not intended as a rulebook but to instruct those new to the development as to the conditions of the lease agreement and other practices agreed at the residents’ meetings.

Residents’ Association


·         Ice Wharf Owners elect directors to the board of Ice Wharf Company Limited (IWCL).  Each Owner holds one share in IWCL.    The Board generally meets 4 times a year.    IWCL holds an AGM once a year to which all shareholders are invited.


·         Correspondence mainly takes place through the Ice Wharf owners and residents websites. Members must be invited to join. Please leave your email address in the residents’ association mailbox or register on


·         A resident’s association mailbox is situated in 300 building. Correspondence with the association can also be made via this mailbox: Residents’ Association Mailbox, 300 Building, Ice Wharf, 17 New Wharf Road, London N1 9RW.

IWCL is always keen to have new directors on the Board.


·         Additional information about Ice Wharf can be found on the as well as through Facebook: 



·         Security guards should be treated with respect at all times. Any complaints from the security guards about the conduct of residents will be taken extremely seriously.


·         Residents are reminded not to let unknown persons follow them into the building or permit entry to unknown persons via the entry phone system.  Fobs should not be given out to non-residents in any circumstances.


·         We would suggest that residents ensure up-to-date access arrangements are provided to the porter and/or the managing agents, either by way of 24-hour contact telephone numbers/e-mail addresses or keys with the porter, together with authority for access to the flat for the porter in the event of an emergency. 


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·         Smoking is not permitted in the corridors or lifts for the consideration of other residents and in order to comply with legislation and the fire regulations for the building.


·         Fire extinguishers are there to protect residents. They should not be removed from their station and certainly should not be used to prop open fire doors or for any other purpose than to extinguish a fire.


·         Barbecues should not be held on balconies as this poses a fire hazard.


·         Under no circumstances should any of the emergency exits be used as storage areas or blocked in any way.  They are a means of escape.

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Common parts

·         The common part areas should be kept clear at all times so as not to impede egress/means of escape in the event of an emergency.  In particular, no prams or bicycles can be kept in the common parts and particularly not in the emergency exit areas as this would contravene Health and Safety legislation.

·         No items should be stored in any of the common parts including the car park.


·         Any residents found causing wilful damage to communal parts will be asked to pay for repairs.


·         No fixing of pictures or other items to the communal areas.


·         Electricity meter cupboards should be locked at all times. Resident wishing to read their meters should obtain the key from security. Under no circumstances should residents force open the doors.


·         Dogs and other pets should not be allowed to foul the communal gardens.


·         Access to the roof is not permitted.

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·         Radios, televisions, musical equipment etc. should not be used in a way that may cause a nuisance to other occupiers or neighbours.

·         The use of common parts should be in a quiet and considerate manner at all times.


·         Residents and their guests are asked to respect their neighbours right to a good nights sleep between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.00am. Please be aware that door slamming can be a real nuisance to others.


·         Residents and their guests are not to cause damage to the building or inconvenience, nuisance or annoyance to other occupiers of the building estate or neighbourhood.  Action will be taken under the terms of the lease. Furthermore, the security guards have been instructed to call the local council’s noise abatement team and/or the police, if residents are not able to respect the terms of the lease.


·         All rooms and passages within the flat must be covered with carpet or some other suitable sound deadening material. Wood flooring is not permitted without the prior written consent of the IWRC (the landlord’s representative) and is subject to various restrictions.


·         The communal gardens are not to be used for private parties and residents are asked to respect those living around the garden by restricting its use at night.

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·         Residents must ensure that the protective curtains are installed in the lifts when transporting large heavy awkward or other objects, which may potentially damage the interior of the lift.  Residents must use the curtains when moving in or out of their apartments.  Curtains are available upon request, from security.  Please note that at no time must the maximum weight limit displayed in the lift be exceeded.

Lift measurements:

     Lift door: 80cm wide by 210cm high

     Lift Interior: 110cm wide by 140cm deep

     Doorway to the blocks: 95cmwide by 210cm high

     Flat doors: 80cm wide by 200cm high

·         Bicycles should not be transported in the lifts. Bicycle racks are available in the upper ground car park for registered bikes. Please contact a member of the residents association to have your bike registered for a nominal fee. Unregistered bikes parked in the racks will be removed.


·         When transporting several items in the lift, residents should request the lift control key from security.  Under no circumstance should the lift doors be wedged or forced open as this will cause damage to the opening mechanism.


·         If an Owner sees a removal company on or off loading without using the lift curtains, please flag this to the security guard and report the matter to the Board noting the ID of the security guard.  IWCL spent £275,000 on new lifts in 2012 and Owners paid for them. Please help protect your property.


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·         No item of clothing or other article may be placed outside the windows or on the balconies or terraces so as to be visible from the exterior of the block.  Mats and carpets must not be shaken from windows and balconies.


·         No sign board or advertising board may be erected so as to be visible from the exterior of the premises.


·         Satellite dishes fitted to the exterior or balcony area are not permitted.


·         Care should be taken when watering plants on balconies and when cleaning balcony glass to ensure that excess dirt/water does not fall onto the balconies below.


·         Items must not be discarded from the balcony areas, including cigarette ends.

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• All windows are to be thoroughly cleaned internally and externally as and when necessary.

• Residents must keep neat and tidy and free from rubbish the garden, terrace area or balcony demised to the flat.

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"Bin Room Etiquette"


·         All refuse to be in sealed refuse bags.


·         Refuse/litter may only be deposited in the communal refuse bins provided. 200/250 buildings should use the bin store in the courtyard. 300 building should use the bin store between upper and lower ground 300 building.


·         Depositing rubbish in front of the bin store or in the bin store and not within the bins is not permitted.  To avoid blocking up the bins, please use the bins furthest from the doors first.


·         Recycling facilities are provided in 200/250 bin store area. As recycling space is limited, please fold card board boxes, etc, so that these do not take up excessive space.


·         Large articles can be disposed of by having these collected by Islington council. Please contact Islington council

and bring the article down on the agreed date. Please do not leave large articles in the bin stores without arranging collection by the council as these will not be collected.


·         Please ensure cleaners are informed of the Bin Room Etiquette.

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·         Cars, motorbikes etc. may not park or stop in the communal areas - only those who own or have permission to use a parking space are permitted to park in the car parks. Unauthorised vehicles will be clamped.  


·         The space must be kept clean, neat and tidy and in a good condition.


·         All other areas in the garage must be kept clear of obstruction at all times with specific exception of the bicycle racks where the residents are permitted to attach a bicycle.  This bicycle should not cause obstruction to any means of escape or to other vehicles.


·         No items may be stored in the car park space other than a private motorcar, motorcycle or bicycle.


·         No works or repairs are allowed to any vehicle from within the garage or the estate.


·         No filling of petrol tank or storage of petrol (other than the car petrol tank) is allowed within the garage.


·         Vehicles may use the courtyard area for loading and unloading or for maintenance to your property – maximum stay 20 minutes.


·         Bicycles can be parked in the bike racks provided in the upper ground car park. However all bikes using the bike racks must be registered. A payment of £52 per annum is made for bike registration. The payment is used towards the maintenance of the car parks and management of the registration scheme. Unauthorised bicycles will be removed.


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Policy for access fobs


Applications for fobs are made to the managing agent. Each fob application must be accompanied by a completed application form and a copy of a photo ID, such as driving licence or passport.


Notification of lost fobs must be made to the managing agent and a fee in the vicinity of £20 will be charged for each replacement fob.



Where owners are permanent residents 2 fobs are issued to the owner(s) free of charge.

Fobs can be provided to each additional household member where they are also permanent residents at a cost in the vicinity of £20 per fob.



Where flats are let one fob can be provided for each tenant named on the tenancy agreement (a copy of the tenancy agreement must be provided). Each fob allocated will be at a cost in the vicinity of £20.


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• Sub-letting of apartments is not permitted under the terms of the lease. Legal action will be taken against anyone found sub-letting.

• Action will be taken where apartments are deemed overcrowded.

Short Term letting


As per the lease, short term lettings are not outlawed. Short term is defined as any rentals for less than 6 months.


• Any filming by the BBC or others must have prior agreement from the Landlord (London Buildings (Regent) Limited) and the Residents’ Association Committee.

• The managing agent, security and all residents must be informed in good time.

• Under no circumstances should security of the building be compromised.

• Filming will not be allowed before 8.00am and after 8.00pm.

• Access for residents should not be restricted in any way.

• No vehicles will be allowed to park in the communal or car park areas.

• Insurance is a prerequisite to cover any damage caused to common parts during filming. An inspection, before and after filming, must be arranged to account for any damage caused.

• A fee will be charged (usually around 20%) and will be credited to the communal maintenance costs. The fee must be agreed with the Residents’ Association in advance.

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• Residents are to comply with all reasonable regulations which the landlord (London Buildings) may from time to time make and publish for the detailed administration of the block and/or estate or for maintaining the character and amenities thereof whether in relation to the flats and their occupation or the block or the estate
• Residents must ensure that all guests and other invitees or licences whilst in the block comply with all regulations.

To have due regard to the foregoing will ensure quiet enjoyment for each resident and a quality environment.

Note: These guidelines in no way vary the terms of your lease which remains the basis of a binding contract between all parties.

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Useful Telephone Numbers

Hawksworth Management Ltd

Tel: 0870 600 1179

Hawksworth Out of Hours/Emergency

Sutton Projects

Tel: 01920 444 388


Islington Station

Tel: 020 7704 1212


London Electricity Board

Tel: 0800 0280247 (24 Hour)


Thames Water

Tel: 0845 920 0800

Refuse Collection


Tel: 020 7527 4692

Noise Disturbance

Islington Council

Tel: 020 7527 3104

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